Makers Series 2 Session 1

photo 1-1

Our winter Maker Series kicked off this week with the introduction of a new toy here at the library – a pair of Makey Makeys! I’ve been wanting to add these to the library for a while since they are so much fun and are just the sort of thing I know my Makers will love. This year we are putting together 12 Maker Kits, introducing  a new one each month, for kids and adults to check out, so as a bonus, now that we’ve introduced the Makeys in MakerWednesday, they’ll be available to check out soon as one of our kits!

I brought up two of the library’s laptops plus my own laptop (and my own Makey Makey) and split the kids into three teams of four to explore how they work. I also put a bowl on the table full of fruit and veggies and pulled out paper, pencils, playdough and some art supplies like pipe cleaners and scissors and, after a short introduction, let the kids have at it. For programs to try out we used the list at the bottom of the How To page for Makey Makey, tetris, was the clear favorite!

How it went:

The Makey’s themselves were great and the kids loved them, one of the computers, however, had a hard time interfacing with the Makey and we ended up absorbing one team between the other two. Next time I’ll do a trial run with each computer to make sure things are working well.


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