A Change in Direction

Since my last post here my family and I have had a few adventures. We packed up our house, the cats, dog and children and moved (in a snowstorm) almost as far across the United States as you could go, from Vermont to Portland, Oregon. I’m no longer a small town librarian but am, instead, in grad school again learning the in’s and out’s of being a school librarian. It took a lot of pondering (and not a little hand wringing) to choose this path over that of public libraries, where I was so happy, but in the end I decided that the critical part of the job for me wasn’t the what, it was the who. The best part of my job, the part I looked forward to every day, was making personal connections with kids about books, reading and the library and in a much (much) larger city (1500 vs 600,000, and that’s just Portland itself, not all our neighbors!) being in a school where I can really get to know the kids and help them in their journey as readers and learners seemed like the right direction for me.

So, I’m back, just in a different form! At the moment my library time is mostly centered around either volunteering or observing for my own education, but I’ll still be using this blog as a place to keep track of fun ideas, books and happenings around libraries!